PO Box 8735, Erie, PA 16505, US

(814) 460-8228

Cody's Wheels of Hope Inc.

Providing bicycles/wheeled toys to children with life threatening illnesses

About Us


Our Mission:

 Since it's inception in 2004, Cody's Wheels Of Hope has striven to bring pleasure and smiles to the faces of children with life threatening illnesses by providing them with bicycles and other wheeled toys. Our non-profit charity was started as a memorial to Cody Scott Filson who died in 2004 - eight days before his 5th birthday - of cancer. In his short life he taught us all to be loving and giving, and in that spirit we will continue to brighten the lives of hopeful children and their families. 


Our Logo:

Our Logo is quite simple, but meaningful.

It is simply our name – CWOH – formed as a bicycle. The “seat” is a halo with five points of light. The halo represents Cody and the five points of light represent his 5 years of life.


Your Privacy:


In this day and age, we here at Cody's Wheels of Hope, Inc understand that privacy is very important to everyone. We would like to make it known that we will never buy, sell, or trade the names, addresses, or phone numbers of any of our donors. 

Futhermore, no information will be used about those we give bikes and wheeled toys to. The only exception to this rule are those parents who have graciously let us use names and locations for publicity either in print or on this website.

Cody's Wheels Of Hope, Inc. does not donate any of it's funds to other charities. All donations are used to run CWOH. This includes buying wheeled toys, office supplies, advertising, lawyer fees, etc. Almost all of our funds are used for purchasing the wheeled toys. Any solicitations for funds from Cody's Wheels Of Hope, Inc. will be turned down.